Saturday, July 26, 2008

  • 'Jab we met' and 'Jaane tu.. ya Jaane na' are NOT contemporary, "fresh" movies, representing the youth of the country. They are only liked by some. Or loved. Definitely not by all.
  • I want a boyfriend, I'm bored.
  • If you were a vocalist, and a woman, what song would you sing for a competition... if your voice sounded like a female version of Chris Martin (Coldplay).. or okay, a louder Norah Jones?

P.s- "where are we, what the hell is going on?" - Imogenheap.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have too many things to update. I shall do it point wise because i absolutely will hate myself if I miss anything, and this is the only way I can prevent that from happening.

  1. First and foremost.. o-v-e-r Magnetron. Like over. So am not going to waste space over him, just wanted to announce because... because.
  2. My results are out. And they're not that good. Okay, what the hell, they're downright horrible.. considering my aptitude and intellect. I took it too lightly, I got punished, there're no two ways about it. And I'm not to go on making a million vows about how I need to do better, because I really need to and I will, without having to advocate it. Not only because I need it to secure a good future but also to creatively satisfy myself. I know what I'm capable of, though I really need to prove that to myself this time. (note: English is no piece of cake people. Its not like you get into it because you have no other option. you need aptitude, so the next person who comes to me and says- "Arre, you're doing english, you must be having soo much fun, all you need to do is read novels" will be skined alive. And then smashed.)
  3. Saw "The Dark Knight". I bet pugsie's thanking me right now for dragging her for it. Zwinky!! You don't have to love Batman to watch the movie. Loving Heath Ledger (drool) is more than enough. Go watch it! I cannot get enough of gushing about the movie. Its brilliant. BRILLIANT. Me and Pugsie were on the gde of our seats. Screaming and gasping all along. Christian Bale is fab but Heath Ledger is so evil I want to *censored*. I loved the pencil trick and I absolutely LOVE the end, especially the reason behind the name of the movie. OMG, someone stop me.
  4. 3rd year. How do I describe it. I'll have my music society, my work (DUB), and my course. As usual the course is brilliant. Its the most interesting of all the three years. And I'm trying my best to make the most out of this year, because its my last. Ideally, i should start with my going abroad prep, but yes, Im too lazy, bugger off. Music society is frustating because I'm going to have to watch it fall from last year because the president is.. not me and a pisspot. And fucking laidback. I can't take things into my hand, because a) I don't have the authority, b) I can't afford to with the kind of stuff I have on my plate. Guess I'll have to deal with it.
  5. I've come to the conclusion that I cannot handle a relationship right now. I can't handle other important stuff only, forget a relationship. I'm so much better off this way. Also, because I tend to get easily distracted, so its better. I realise I sound like a nerd, but sometimes some hard truths give you enough realisations to not worry about sounding corny or nerdy..

Just finished talking to Best Friend on the phone. We've decided to play a huge prank on someone. It'll need a lot of groundwork, and even though Its going to be amazing fun, it'll eventually help her get rid of her fears. Shall not reveal more... *schemingly raises eyebrow*

My love for music is growing. I'm literally discovering it by the day. I can't describe it words, its magical... enchanting. Met a smart cousin last night. Actually my nephew. Am glad about that.. atleast I get to have talks with someone in my amily who has half a brain and isn't 4 years old. Okay, I'm going to be updating the blog very rarely from now on.... but I'll be here.

Mood: 'In the waiting line' -Zero 7. (yes, have copied this from pugsie)

P.s- have nothing to end with. I'm still so used to adding a post script, i'm continuing to type. Has it ever happened to you that you continue to type even though you have nothing concrete to say? Well, not that this isn't concrete, I mean I won't get into the definition of concrete, its too complicated with regard to this context, and often its hard to explain the context.. and there's always a risk of complexity. Okay, Okay, just go watch The Dark Knight, will ya? Sigh.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Third year English is not going to be a piece of cake. I've always know that with my course, its always advisable to question conventions. But this year, its literally down to re-defining conventions like tragedy and comedy... gathering comparitively newer perspectives... and I'm loving it! Here's the catch: the more challenging the course gets, the more I love it... only I'm so fucking lazy, I never make my love for the subject evident in my answers. My answers always end up being mediocre.

Ah, well. Need to work on that this year. I'm finally going for Kung-fu Panda tomorrow. I have a strong feeling the results are going to be out when I least expect it. This time, I just want to get it done with. I know I'm going to do well the coming year, hopefully I'll be able to put last year behind me.

Sigh, it's so surprising how I no longer am waiting. How I've realised that all my whining is temporary, and actually, I cannot deal with a relationship right now. Like today, I was super moody. NO reason! Just bang, and everything pissed me off. Everything single thing. And very few, make that about 2 or 3, can deal with me. The whole of me. And that's a pretty scary thought. What's nice, though, is I now know how to handle it and not scapegoat it with PMS.

It's my last year. Okay, I'm officially not going to blog about this.
Moving on, yesterday I realised that its so easy for me and Sh to categorise people. Like today a new teacher entered class... and she was soo Malu. Dark-ish, specks, semi-american accent, delicious lips, stern. Similarly, we've categorised so many people under multiple categories. It's funny because I don't believe in streotypes. I guess because of my caution of stereotyping, I'm better with acknowledging it.

Relatives over: have got money, chocolates, make up and clothes!

P.s- still moody. Realised that I can get piglike fat and still be breathtakingly beautiful :) I'm just something else.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Have any of you ever given thought to the fact that you might be addicted to the internet?

One day without it and I got restless. My computer is screwed. Officially. Apparently I'm a victim of software counterfeiting (WTF) and my audio controls don't work. Okay, there's a reason for that. So, my net was being a real piss pot, like gmail wouldnt work at all, but facebook would. And I couldn't send any mails, but I could use gtalk, so I figured that was happening because there was low space in the memory... and err, I deleted things.. left right and centre. Turns out I deleted the audio control thingy. And now I can't listen to music, which sucks because I have so many more songs on my PC than on the MP3.

Life sucks.

Okay, my editor just pointed out that I was being whiny... which is fine because I'm a whiny person. That's almost always the way I start a conversation with someone. Actually, that's how I make the conversation last with someone. I end up bonding with people because they whine about the same things. That's something, huh?

You know, in retrospect, I know it was worse, and I'm so much more better at dealing with sucky stuff been thrown at your way. In school, i was referred to as the "whine queen". And now, I'm considered the calm one. Okay, I will admitt, I'm like more "calm now, whiny/moody again".. but it has become better, and I can feel it.

Okay, I know for a fact that I'm a good listener, and maybe because I'm a certain way, I can't figure out why people hold on to trivial little things.. like forever. I remember, one best friend told me somebody called her a bitch way back in the 11th grade, for no reason, apparently. And she's still not over it. I mean, I know sometimes you can't, but comparitively, I really don't hold on to things. Like I will REMEMBER trivial things, but I will remember that I was pissed off about it at a particular time, but I don't stay pissed for long.. just as easily as I get pissed. I get pissed, not angry. I've never been angry. Really! I've never been so angry at someone that I would scream at them. The most, I can get pissed off, and leave the place or keep the phone or something. But I've never lost my temper enough to lose my mind. Easy come, easy go.. I'd say.

Was talking to *wishes to remain anonymous* on the phone... (she's not told me she wants to be anonymous, but I'm presuming she will, considering what I have to say), and we've realised that the more patronizing a guy is, the more we want to do them. Like... do them. And I would use more describing/appropriate words for it, only I'm too lazy to say "bugger off" to all the gasps that'll come my way.

Today's the last day of my vacation. My results are out in a week.

Again, life sucks.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am officially addicted to reality shows. Especially music related. There's something about watching those shows and smirking to yourself thinking you'd have done so much a better job! I love this phase, I'm rediscovering myself, and growing up primarily. Had a talk with a friend, and realised that women grow faster than men, generally if you look at it. Exceptions included, you can always tell the difference. I've realised that my intellect and maturity would probably fit with a 23/24 year old. URGH, magnetron. *horrible, HORRIBLE memory*

Am editing a grammatically incorrect article. Okay, this might sound very cocky, but if you're a literature student, aren't you supposed to know when a sentence is grammatically correct or incorrect? Exactly why it is necessary to include entrance exams for the course.. or you end up writing like this- "he had carried all the action scenes with √©lan; particularly the grim that he makes while firing a gun is RaaD. His introduction scene where he comes up dressed up like Ravan in hilarious.....a genuine LoL moment. and like c’mon, if people can see and perhaps enjoy Schwarznegger killing a whole battalion in Commando, then surely you can enjoy this as well."

My neck has been killing me because I've been working on this 1400 word article for 2 hours now, definitely needed a break. It's like the heavens decided to play a joke on me by giving me something sooo sucidal to correct. *wails*

I have fallen in love with tommy emmanuel. Have recently started listening to Mary J blige. The woman's vocals are something, I'm extremely inspired. If only I were more polished with my classical training (9 years, but have now forgotten) I swear, I'd have taken up singing professionally. I'm just too lazy I guess.

Sigh, back to grammatically incorrect article.

P.s- happy belated birthday Preeti!!! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So what happens when three, safe to say, varied yet crazy people come together one night? Pugsie and Sh were over last night.

  • I haven't laughed that much in a long time :D
  • There were intervals of corny random jokes and deep discussions.
  • We ate a lot of junk and did a lot of junk...

Basically it was a fun night!

Apart from last night, I've discovered Tommy Emmanuel.. its like if there were a God of acoustic guitaring, he'd be the one. Its all instrumental, but his pieces convey the potential lyric with such ease, you want to cry. Its something about his unspoken melodies, that end up saying more than you want hear. I haven't such beautiful stuff in a long time.. :)

Ooooh, and also, I was hearing this unplugged version of some nirvana song, played live during some MTV awards thingy. Damn, Cobain has the sexiest voice I've heard my entire life. So, I was walking, quite fast I must add, and suddenly between songs he says... "I think I did the whole song in the wrong key, guys. So typical of me to screw up.. haha". His voice is to die for!! Though for all his sexiness, Im quite in the "eww, men are disgusting" phase now. The serious one. Man, my mood swings.

Well, atleast I discovered Tommy Emmanuel. Try this.. and you'd have to be stone hearted to not feel it :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

... have suddenly realised how amazing I am! You know the kind of self worth that will always remain with you, no matter what happens.
Maybe this has to do with the fact that I was wearing a t-shirt that made me look fit today... Its like this feeling.. where you know that you can have bad days, and you can look fantastic, but within yourself, you know how amazing you are.

Today, while working out.. I re-discovered a song I was in love with a year ago. I must've heard it about 8 times.... "chasing cars" by Snow Patrol. Okay, I'm the last person to appreciate a quintessential portrayal of love through lyric... but I couldn't help but gush at this one.
" Lets waste time, chasing cars.. around our head."
Aww, the image of star crossed lovers :D

Okay, random but I have to share this... sometimes, I can't love my friends more.

Me: I miss Magnetron today. For some weird reason.
Sh: horniness... *cough*

Totally don't want to say it, and jinx it, but right now, I love my life. Each and every single part of it.
Ooooh, apart from my stupid ECA trials today, where we had to bring in girls through an ECA quota... which had the "mai haart will goo on" kinda people auditioning. I wanted to kill myself. Especially when this one girl thought Western Classical Choir meant "filmy bollywood" songs. I almost never wanted to sing again.
Yes, I have patience. I was not rude.

P.s- all you cynics out there. I suggest you listen to this song, and if you have before, listen to it carefully... I can garantee you'll gush. I did :D I even told a few friends that I love them. Music has that effect on me.
P.p.s- don't know why I included that as a post script.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

  • watched cheesy movie
  • "aww-ed" in the cheesy part
  • made fun of anything remotely cheesy, movie and outside nonetheless
  • sniggered at the smallest fashion and grammatical faux pas around me
  • bad mouthed most sexist scenes, even though the movie had a fairly un-sexist solution.
  • will not mention the movie because of the risk of being branded as corny
  • found the male lead absolutely GORGEOUS
  • after the movie went to bookstore and headed directy towards chick lit section
  • was almost going to buy a few "feel goods" untill I realised the cash shortage
  • sat in the auto and went cynical about every small thing with Best friend
  • Dreamed about male lead after dropping Best friend, hoping for the romantic(extremely cheesy) ending to my life as well
  • Came home and am writing a blog about my contrasting/fluctuating ideologies.

Note to self: Must find someone to date. Keeping in mind only two prerequisites: not somebody who says- anywayS and who will not expect a serious r'ship outta the date or expect me to sleep with him as a result of the a date.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I had a long talk with Best Friend last night. About the change within us, and we concluded that it was for the better, atleast in comparison to the sorry state of her close friend who was acting irrational. We've both been quite scared about our cynical behaviour lately... it's like the smallest thing will get to us. You should see us together. Give us one wannabe or one grammatical error and we're set for the day! Its quite funny actually... but yesterday I think we got a little serious about it.

We realized that we're not one of those who find it easy to articulate out a sympathy. I can be very efficient when it comes to giving advice but sympathy... is something I absolutely cannot articulate out. Maybe metaphorically shoulders will be available for you to cry on, you'll never hear me say that... often. I think I'm fortunate that i have friends around me who are smart enough to realise that my actions speak louder than words. I will physically be present throughout your ordeal, but I cannot go around saying- "sorry, baby, I'm there for you, I love you, you can count on me.. blah", and its stand similar for Best Friend. Infact, during my "rough" phase, I wouldn't want any sympathy myself. I'd, more often than not, like to be left alone.

And hence we're worried our practicality, independance/liberal state of mind and hard to please clauses... are the reason why its so hard for us to find someone. Hey, but its not like we're hard, stone hard, people. We're warm and calm and everything. And quite accepting... but only as long as it doesn't clash with our strong ideologies/string of thought... that we've been growing for some time now, on the basis of our failed or successful experiences.

Which is why I'm worried, but not too much. Because I know If I bow down now... then none of my relationships will happy or fulfilling. If I am a certain way, I guess people will have to accept that. I will find someone who does..... right? And, anyway, "hard to please" is only applicable is certain aspects... not all. Infact i think, I'm fairly easy to pursue.. IF person concerned has qualities I'm looking for.

Anyway, so since Best friend lost somebody worth dating recently... because of ego (okay, that I don't have :) yay!) and because she was primarily very cynical about most things... we have decided that we shall do the following to win him back from his girlfriend... who is, lets just say, an ego masseuse, to be polite.

  1. Wear pink, because it attracts any straight guy apparently.

  2. Bake a cake, because no man can resist that.

  3. Hold his gaze everytime your eyes met, because it gives out the sign.

  4. Talk to him about things that he likes.

  5. Pay attention

  6. Everytime you meet him online after or before the meeting, IM him with a smiley

  7. Crack jokes only in response to his

  8. Don't be too casual (that's what went wrong with her first meeting... apparently, she was too friendly ans casual... hence he found some damsel in distress who he could rescue)

  9. Take interest in what he's saying.

  10. This one's the best! -talk in a low, soothing voice.. so you catch his attention in the right way.

Okay, seriously.. we might just do this. Not because the guy is dumb, but because we cannot believe that the only guy who we classified as "extremely smart and almost perfect" turned out to be an egoist and some one who couldn't handle a girl who's too smart. According to a friend... "he'd definitely be intrigued by a smart girl, who's capable of handling any situation but not someone who's constantly proving herself, because then it'll hurt his ego."

I think this is ridiculous, but she's really wants to give this "lets please his" thing a try, so we're going to go ahead with. WE. Sigh, what has the world come to. Anyway, my question to all the men who're reading this blog... would you fall for this put on SWEET, smart woman, who can't go to far without having a man beside her. Smart yes, but a damsel nonetheless... or would you prefer an independant, practical and liberal woman.... who is, needless to say, smarter, and can survive without male presence in the romantic form and is not afraid to stand up for herself and speak up to make a point whenever needed? Be truthful!