Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I've got a secret and I know how to keep it.

The only reason you over-indulge at the end of the year is so you can detox at the beginning of the new one, right? Right.

Plainly put, 2013 sucked balls. Guess the number 13 is stereotypically unlucky for me. I can, however, boast about having grown the fuck up this year.

All my meagre blacks and whites merged into a huge pool of grey. And I've always, always been about the colours, right? Right.

It's also been a year of spiritual awakening. Not in a obsessive way, but inclusive of many truths; projecting itself on a brick wall, blisters and all.

It seems like every emotional relationship I've nurtured over the years has planted itself in the love-hate bracket. To paraphrase a very dear friend, I love y'all as much as I hate y'all. But maybe that's just me. It's always been just me.

And I'm enough. That's been the primary spiritual realization of mother-fucking 2013.