Thursday, March 25, 2010

I don't like mind games. I've been indulging in them for much too long now, and it's beginning to get tiring.
There's this point in your life when you know you've probably left something behind, to NOT have it follow you.

I thought i'd had my share of mind games, but it's followed me.
To a place that I thought was specifically mind games free.

Guess not.

And then there are times when you think you have the control. You really, really do. There are no delusions in theory.
And then when it hits you, right upfront.. pretty evident who the doofus has been, innit?

I'm rambling.
I just don't like these mind games. I really don't. This is my one thing I hate the most. Like, ever.

And I swear to god, I did not think it would be in the context of You.

Friday, March 19, 2010

You know,
When they said life is unfair, nobody mentioned that unfair was just this word they threw in to make it sound profound.

Downright unfair, really. For the lack of a better word.

There are some problems you have where you don't know if you're the pyscho thinking or looking too much into it, or the problem is genuinely worth all the self analysis.

But then again, I know I think too much.

I need to stop thinking and not give a damn.

Someone please teach me? Oh, how so ever grateful I will be.