Sunday, September 23, 2007

again, as usual, im so late. i cant tell u how much thinking ive put in to finally write. i certainly need too. somehow the same feeling doesnt come when i wrtie on paper. i have exactly about 25 mins to finish venting out bcoz "desperate housewives" is starting at nine.

okay okay,. first things first, I WENT FOR A DUET!!! me n puii did "wild horses" n kept screwing up suring practices but on stage i didnt screw up at all, n though nobody told me, i thought my voice sounded very sexy! haha!

n i think ive majorly matured, considering bormy n this "unbreak my heart" guy are veryy cute, i just acknowleged the fact that they're cute n nothin else. n i wasnt the usual self. but seriously. i can totally understand why ahem, behaved that way during the fest, i wouldve had i been in the ninth grade or something(smirk smirk)

but yes, on the toher hand i also agree that the other side, was ebign a lil harsh. i mean harsh in the sense that i know it can get irritating but i dont think she understands how the other one owuld have felt bcoz she isnt feeling that way. only i wish she has done it a lil bit more esthetically. in the sense, sometimes i feel i come off as too forward to a new person, i know for a fact that when i tell ppl (except anu) that i did a certain thing, they raise their eyebrows n stuff. blah. in short its all good. PRIYA'S HERE!