Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You can close the palm of your hands and still not have any clarity. I type these self-assuring, pieces of advise to myself, being fully aware of how easily I fall in and out of love. You can own me with one glance, and lose me with something as silly as a wink smiley. (If there's anything that correctly personifies the concept of being unnecessarily amorous, it's the wink smiley, but I digress).

I'm complex, he said. I fell out of love with him, too. And yet, I cannot wrap my fingers around the loss of a toxic presence.

2014 has been great. Some years, you know by January itself that it is going to be great. I've made the right decisions; letting go of people who were only contributing negatively to my life, and focusing on things that mattered (however relative that may sound)

I also understood that saying “I'm not judgmental” doesn't add up to really practicing it at every step of the way. Sometimes you can't help your opinions, and more than striving to be non-judgmental, it's far more important to listen to your inner self, I've learnt.

Even if that means not having a clue about where you're headed. Asking the right questions, and turning the right things down at the moment is a good enough momentum.

Because on a sun-kissed February afternoon, when I saw my reflection in a mirror passing by, I saw a mix of flaws and beauty. It was a concoction I wasn't worried about.

Acceptance can be your greatest virtue.