Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I met my match 2 years ago, and it wasn't fun.

It was riddled with hot and cold moods and intimate nights that became mornings with a stranger.

He first kissed me at 3 am on a random week night.
"Are you attracted to me?" he asked I nodded.

Here, I was setting a standard for the next few months. One in which he was verbose, always ready to talk about hurried, flimsy emotions, and I would weigh my feelings with shrugs, nods and hugs.

I saw him wholly the minute he let his guard down, but I can't say my guard is completely down yet. He's WAS the quintessential bad boy; friends would ask me if I was going to continuously be pulled into his charming manipulations, and I would experience a range of urgent waves of feelings when it came to him : unpredictable and strong.

He's the person they will tell you to stay away from. He hurts unintentionally, which is the worst kind, because you'll always want to give him another chance. He won't even realise how much he puts you through. He will frustrate you and melt you at the same time,

Soon enough, something magical happened. I let him go. I won't flower this for the purpose of prose. I simply let him go. Hard, stone, truth.

And then, earlier this year, I met him again. This time, he had shards of all of the baggage, but so did I. I won't talk about electricity, chemistry and the inability to not be intimate with a person, because we all know about those wonderful things. I'll tell you what happens after. Magic. And when you see unadulterated magic, you pull your faith into it and mash it together until you can't tell the two apart.

When you mix magic, love, faith and patience, you get him and I. We're quite traditional now; a typical couple (he probably doesn't read this, so phew). For him, the last unsuccessful time we tried to shack up is a big, un-inspirational blur, but for me it's a life lesson. One that taught me to dream, but to not be delusional, to love, but yourself first. Only then can you love someone else for their whole. Cliches are true :)

The other night, I was stressing about a work deadline, which meant I was rambling.

"I have faith that you'll finish it even one night before, baby" -- his words weren't dismissive, but loving and straddled with faith.

And I thought to myself, everybody deserve this. Every single person deserves to fall hook, line and sinker in love with someone and have them fall back in love with YOU with equal intensity. This is my way of saying: hold on, or out, until you find it. It's worth it, even for a short duration. It's like your first hallucinogen experience (or for those who don't do drugs, let's say your first spiritual experience) -- it changes you, but more importantly, it brings you closer to yourself.