Friday, February 27, 2009

I miss you.

I'm not resorting to ambiguity or complexities to put it down so that it would sound a little less indirect or less pronounced.

I miss you.

I miss everything about us. They won't understand what i've lost.
Heck, I'm dramatizing it. It should mean something shouldn't it?

I had accepted you the way you are. That's what friend's do, right?

I miss my friend.

I wish I could say things will be better.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If only I could do the following things.
  1. Sing like Aretha Franklin: The soulful yet sexy grunty voice. A voice you can use for gospels as well as super amazing songs like "I Will Survive". (God, forvive me. I did not mean to typecast the great Aretha Franklin)
  2. Dance like.. (there's no tomorrow!! okay no) like Nicole Whats-her-name from the Pussycat Dolls: The kind of body she has. No wonder the dancing is so sensuous :D I know I can. That's the worse part. If only I had taken those damn jazz lessons when I was in the 10th grade. I had the chance, but I was too lazy. Opted for Guitar lessons instead, and ended up putting on about 5 kgs and learning only 6 chords. ( I still love you, Jimi Hendrix)
  3. Have stage presence: I usually end up screwing up because I'm so nervous. I would do wonders in a band if I could just manage to be what you'd call, "chilled" on stage. (I detest the usage of american, though indianized, slang: "chillax". Also things like "wassup" and "yo" and "girl/brother", you get the drift)

I have forgotten the point.

Oh what the hell. I want to be a glamorous single lady--->

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...the last resort being?

When words refuse to define, answer, connect.

When concrete emotions don't come into being because you can't point at one.

When "in your face lyrics" still don't relate to you situation.

When you find yourself writing in verse to sound more serious.

When you create your own definitions of verse (?)

When there's no situation really, but you have to give a word to it.

When you're tired of pulling the "I'm Pms-ing" string.

When you're just tired.

When it's pointless.


"Mama says she's worried

Growing up in a hurry, yeah

"Come on home, girl"

mama cried on the phone

"Too soon to lose my baby and

my girl should be at home!"

"But try to understand,

try to understand

Try try try to understand

He's a magic man."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Now that could either be a picture about disgust or drooling hormones.
Currently, I am oscillating between both.
Note to self: the word Emotion does not make an appearance here.
There is either the want to act upon ones hormones, or there is this disgust which includes no physical contact, heavy PMS-ing etc.

Watched 'He's Just Not That Into You' with Pugsie today. Chick Flicks with a message relevant to your current romantic status will never be boring. It suited our situation(s) and we loved it, needless to say.

Okay, fine. FINE, fine. It's time I mention the change in my lifestyle (?), if you will, on the blog. It deserves a mention I'd say. I'm in a "thing". There. Said it. Now "things" have various definitions. Let's start from the very beginning:
  1. A casual, sexual fling.
  2. A potential relationship that is currently being taken slow and smooth.
  3. An undefinable (gaaak!) relationship. Voluntarily undefinable.
  4. All of the above.

I think I will go with the third. No tags, no definitions, and I like it that way. The best part is, byt virtue of being a substitute, the person in question helped me get over my previous emotional investment. So that's a good start, eh?

I should really study. Really Really. God, help me through this PMS period, I have a feeling it's going to be intense.

Show the finger to Valnetine's day and kill yourself if you spent half your salary/pocket money on buying a red red heart from Archies or Hallmark that squeaks- I love you- everytime you squeeze it.

Untill next time,


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The drought is OVER.
Lalalala, wheeeeeeeeeee.
(and other similar satisfactory sounds of joy)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's crazy how homesick one can get. I have been in Delhi for only 7 years. Okay, I know that is a long time, but a lot of people have spent their entire lives here. Anyhow, the point being, i left delhi for a week and i felt terribly homesick. Now this is not the first time it has happened, I went down south earlier this summer, but I figured getting homesick was granted then since the trip royally sucked. But this time, I had a good time, met new people and had quite a great time, and i still missed Delhi, a whole lot.

Delhi has it's flaws, granted. But I realized I am too attached to the city, enough to ignore the flaws. I love Delhi, it will always be home. Here are the reasons why:
  1. Butter chicken. BUTTER CHICKEN. (I could end the list right here!)
  2. The month of November- when it's not too cold, not warm at all, or maybe just enough to put a smile on your face. Also, my birthday month :D
  3. Delhi University. Only because it has given me the memories of a lifetime. And it's sheer brand value.
  4. Haus Khas Village Lake. Oh, beauty. Beauty.
  5. The theatre and music culture. NSD and AU :D

Okay that's the most I can think of. Food is calling me :D

Yay, just because I'm back.