Tuesday, February 28, 2012

.. the fuck?

Button up, please? You're driving me a bit insane.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My heart broke a little bit, that evening.

Just a tiny little bit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It doesn't help to read endearing nicknames in verbosely written letters.

Dave, you have got to stop singing to me. It doesn't help when you collaborate with Santana, either.

Those diced cucumbers in my flower bag are mocking me, stupid fuckers.

My hair is playing mind games with me. It decides to look gorgeous 2 hours before I hit the bed. When I leave home the next morning, it decides to ape Amy Winehouse.

I have 9 very lovely narratives waiting for my scrawny eyes to glance through them - unevenly stacked on my window. I made a promise to them many months ago that I would give them my full attention. But what does one do about temptation? Promises are meant to broken, is too easy an excuse. And I'm known for my drama.

Earlier today, I had a mix of an existential crisis and monetary breakdown - I bought a beautiful dress on a 2 digit bank balance (my poor, abused savings), followed by a schizophrenic conversation in my head about where I was headed in life anyway to have bought a dress like that. Do I need it and Do I need anything at all - mixed together to make a lovely fattening mash.

Don't show my your jawline you 'tard. I have issues remember?

And Dave, you can stop being so heavenly now.

It certainly doesn't help to read endearing nicknames in verbosely written letters... that aren't addressed to you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's when I'll listen to Leonard Cohen singing a Thousand kisses deep, selling me ambiguous hair-rasing emotions, wrapped in his voice like a moist sushi roll, and I think of my jigsaw puzzle fitted fine, I'll know I'm through with my search.

Not that I'm searching - it just so happens that these beautifully packed pieces magically fall into place. And I get deceived.

On close inspection you can tell the curves are deceptive, and you've been trying to force them to make a pretty picture.

Meh. Let the picture be.

Buy a few jigsaw puzzles and get lost in the options in your spare time. Being lost is a good pastime.