Monday, May 21, 2012

"Hey, what's up", said the man with a glass of Coke 

"Um, Nothing", she stutters.

She looks up at him, wondering how to channel her wonderfully intelligent thoughts to sound intelligent.

"You're drinking green tea? Why?" he smirks.

She smiles.

*Say something smart. Impress. IMPRESS.*

"I'm trying to be healthy"

"Arre, why green tea but? It's just water". He points at his glass. "I'm drinking coke even though I know it spoils my teeth. That's because I think Indians are naturally healthy"

"You really think so?", she stresses on the really. She doesn't know why.

He smiles. He's gotten new spectacle frames, so he looks more studious. Unnecessary, she thinks. He's easily the most hard-working person in the office. Sometimes he looks up to notice her reading with torrid attention. And she catches his gaze.

"Well, green is basically hot water, no? It naturally cleanses. And that's a good thing", she says, sounding triumphant but feeling like an idiot.

Captain Obvious could learn a thing or two from me, she thinks.

"I know! It's because you drank last night, no!" he says playfully.

She laughs.

He turns to walk away.

In another universe, she would have walked up to him, thrown away the glass of coke, torn his shirt off, pinned him to a wall and kissed him.

In another universe.

In this universe, she sits in her chair, feeling like a nun.