Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You know the feeling of warm, jasmine green tea just melting down your throat?


Coupled with my crunchy thigh muscles that are fighting their own battle with my body.

I've got to thank my latest yoga fixation for that. My instructor said Yoga is like a basket of opportunities. I didn't roll my eyes, and what she said actually made sense? The bit about taking whatever suits you best from a Regular yoga practice.

So that morning, when the woman sitting in front of me couldn't reach her toes while bending, I felt a little elated. Twenty minutes later, I couldn't place my hands together on my back. They kept crawling towards one another. It must have looked like some crazy zombie movie to the old woman behind me. Poor thing already has her own issues, you know. She has two chairs, instead of a Yoga mat. With those limbs of hers.

I wonder if I'm my own villain? Whether the constant blocks of chocolate I stuff in my mouth are crying out loud - "Please don't eat me, Again!. Or if my thoughts were to be publically broadcasted, what sort of facial reactions would the harmless man sitting opposite me at work portray?

After my Green tea was over, I ran to the washroom. You see, Peeing means a whole different thing when you're constantly paranoid of hydrating your body.
And then you spend your last conscious moments before you sleep wondering what amount of water retention is reflecting on that bloated face of yours.

My Bathroom Thought Chronicles for another day, then.