Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm worried about how much I'm (not) writing.

It's getting increasingly difficult to call myself a writer now, and i'm being forced to use to 'j' word.

It's the complacency and the unending questioning of every boundary that I myself built (I blame education and therefore subscribe to those charming write ups on the lines of 'date an uneducated girl')

It's too much ambition, but too less moving of one's ass.

It's too much FOMO, too much nostalgia and too little focus on the present.

It's not enough confidence. It's not enough 'go-with-the-flow'.

I want to write letters to so many people, and post it to them via snail mail so they can see my handwriting and perhaps develop a bit of a bias towards me. Also because most of those letters would probably be explainers. I have lots to explain, and lots to decifer, but not enough audience. Wonder why..

Basically, universe, could I just wake up tomorrow having lost 10 kilos? (among other things)