Monday, July 30, 2012

Some people are just not meant to be. We can roll around on the carpet for years, trying to get the stains out, but the signs will be around from the very beginning.

A major life-change stands at my back. And just like the last time around, I don't feel a thing yet. Soon, I'll be looking at this post, going, UGH I wish I didn't feel a thing now, because there ARE going to be over-dramatic episodes. I am going to make a mess of myself, and I know it. I'm just hoping I don't get fatter. Like, if anything, let's hope I have the strength to maintain ze weight.

Why am I being negative, you think? Oh just. Like yesterday P asked me how I could eat like a pig knowing I am going to crib about it in 10 seconds after my last bite is done. And not just crib, but vehemently hate that I am fat, and be a pisspot.

It's because I am neurotic as fuck. And reading The Bell Jar is not helping. It's like wanting to go into a cemetery at 1 am, while on your I-want-ice-cream time. I found myself deliberately wanting to get spooked out of my life that Saturday night. 

Oh, yum.