Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I've done this many times.

I've complained about how I absolutely do not have the patience to "reveal" myself the 2500th time, to talk about my quirks, my loaded uncle from Dubai whose phone I used and abused when I was in love for the first time, and my relationship with the brother I never had.

I've talked incessantly about my commitment phobia and how I tend to have this pattern of let's-move-real-fast-at-first-so-I-can-get-bored-of-you-even-quicker. I've expressed the complexities of my low self esteem and how I seek validation by proving that I'm really good in bed/a catch.

I've been in relationships. Some that haven't lasted as long as I wanted, and some that were just breezy and unnecessary.

I've had my share.

You, on the other hand, confound me.

I may not want to fall in love with you. I may not even want to feel like "something's happening".

But I DO want you. I want you in the same way I want a long vacation. Not in Goa, and not a high maintenance Tomorrowland tour, but maybe a short escapade from the city we both live in, where we can explore. And by explore, I really do mean the wide gamut of possibilities that the word poses.

I do want to hear you ramble, and smile at myself for having a conversation with someone who can speak more than I do. It's a scary possibility that I might be the more sorted person between the two of us, but maybe that's a facade? You seem nice, with all your sweeping assumptions and your ability to make one feel comfortable and excited at the same time.

You can be a handful, but so can I. The only difference is you take no time to burden the people around you with your baggage and I measure the ones who can take it. We could meet halfway, I guess. 

I'm pretty sure I sound like I'm counting my chickens before they hatch, but this is me putting my feelings out here. Grab them? I won't lie by pretending to be cool if you don't.
But, I think this should be fun. Let's do it. And, IT could mean anything you and me want it to mean.

Come along.