Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mr. Long Locks,

Can I say love-letters are passe? I know I've written my share - which is why this pre-letter disclaimer. This is not a love-letter. This is a letter to commemorate what almost became a love story.

I've been rummaging nostalgia filled nights, with old chats on g talk and re-living what can only be described as warmth. You're so warm, fuzzy and adorable.You made me happy. It's really that simple. It's a pity I didn't see it back then. Ours was a short-lived affair. I won't lie - I underestimated you, us. Perhaps I hoped for too much, and couldn't see the present and what it was already offering to me. Perhaps I wasn't looking for warm and fuzzy. Besides, you led me to the love of my life, so I don't particularly have any regrets.

I'll tell you what's a pity though. Knowing this could have turned into something beautiful, and deliberately letting it slip through my fingers - although I know I put an end to things, not you. Mostly the fact that I found an intense, mind-blasting love, surpassed any and everything else in front of me. And we weren't love yet. We were a ball of special conversations, comfort and smiles.

I miss you. Not for any other reason but that there will always be a wall in front of us. Nice to know you are happy, settled and in love. I wish you even more than the best.

But sometimes, I wonder why we didn't fall in love, but I don't really have an answer. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish that we get back together. I have moved on, and I am happy by myself, with a rug-sack of amazing memories from the past year and a half. And I know you're happy with your current life. I just wish we had the liberty to be what we were?

Not very long ago, I had compared you to the idea of a chocolate cake. Comforting, moist and just plain lovely. You will always live in my heart as that metaphor.