Thursday, July 30, 2009

How do you successfully leave the past behind without wanting to be a part of it?

How do you jump over nostalgia without it kicking you in the shins leaving a permanent reminder?

How do you move onto a new phase of life without wanting to let go of the previous one?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apparently, you still have to be a demure little petite damsel in distress to score with a guy at a party, the atmosphere of which clearly spells, " I'm not going to badger you tomorrow morning with phone calls of how we'll get married soon".

Meh. Boys in India.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home. Everything is so heavenly about this place. My hair feels better, I look better. Even dusty Delhi is a relief from rain drenched, awe inspiring, beautiful Pune. Because Delhi is Home. And always will be.

1. I will always love my mum’s annoying habit of watching sexist soaps and crying over them.

2. I will always love My dad’s morning ritual of (im)patiently waiting for breakfast and muttering to himself about how things will never change. Because they never do :)

3. I will always love Delhi’s heat, no matter how much I crib about it.

4. I will always love the fact that you have to be mighty careful on the roads, and one lives with the perennial fear of being attacked or harassed in broad daylight- because it makes you stronger and aware.

5. I will always love my college and course – for the rest of my life. I love that it has molded me, shaped my personality and given me a niche.

6. I love the Delhi University culture. It suits me. It is laid back and hard working at the same time. It has a place for all kind of people. I love my college because it is growing and I was a part of that growth process

7. I love moving out of the home at 4 in the afternoon to meet a friend for conversations and a sub. I love the student cafes, the affordable shopping sprees, the trend of clothing and footwear that defines a delhi-ite.

8. I love Delhi roads- all of CP, Khan market, Dilli Haat, vasant kunj to IIT, even the BRT because it is so aesthetically beautiful. ( And no, I will not elucidate for people who don’t live in Delhi, the beauty of it is to experience it)

9. I love the music scene in Delhi. Each band, each choir. I love the theatre scene even more. It’s irreplaceable. Walking down Kamani and LTG and finding any random play to go watch, is brilliant.

10. I love standing up to anyone who criticizes Delhi. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Delhi is IT.

11. I love random walks/drives around delhi, at any time: morning, afternoon, evening and night.

12. I love all the seasons of Delhi- each of it has something special to offer.

13. I love the fact that delhi people are predominantly loud and boisterous, because it defines the place. Take it or leave it.

14. I love every single person who I have met in Delhi and have contributed to my life. I love this place. And yes, I will ALWAYS be a Delhi girl, no matter where I go, and however much cool(er), allegedly, the place is.