Sunday, November 22, 2015


Back in college when I would indulge myself with back to back Amy Winehouse/Kurt Cobain sessions, I always thought by 27 I would have it figured out. (I don't know what it stands for.) 27 always felt like a get-rich-or-die-trying date.

It's a day after my 27th birthday and no, I don't have it all figured out yet. I haven't even attempted to get there. All I can do right now is take a step back and watch myself sprint around in circles, looking desperately for answers to the amazingly, confusing way in which life works.

But it's becoming increasingly difficult to write about emotions. I don't really have one definite emotion at a particular time to expand upon. I have stories. I have so many stories, and I hold the right to live in those stories as a treasured privilege and a continuous birthday gift. (Staunch believer in the writer stereotype: lazy, creative, selfish)

Someone on twitter asked me to write a birthday review, and my first thought was, "yeah, right," and then I started to think about the long gone days when I would need to write a blog post in this ever-so-illustrious blog of mine to cohesively understand my thoughts about the year that passed me by.

Over time, I've realized that it's all in your head. That sentence has the power of many comprehensions. And so, on the day after my 27th birthday, here are my top questions of 2015. Because being cryptic is my thing, and the topmost learning I've had this year is that people don't change. We just learn how to put on new faces as per convenience.

When did I turn into an editor, from an aspiring writer? Flip or embrace? Who wins between risk and acceptance?

Do I know the difference between positivity and excitement? Between ambition and aspiration?

Are we, as urbane, over-thinkers, equipped to deal with constants? Can structures work in a time when being a rebel is a celebrated quality?

Is love a constant? 

Is it time to turn vegetarian? (For real, no bacon clauses)

Can one truly reject labels?

Is loyalty overrated? 

I would end this post with a bunch of goals for the coming year, but like I said, it's all in my head. It always has been, it always will be.

Turning 27 will make you feel like you need answers, but as long as you have the ability to ask yourself questions, find your happiness in knowing answers are right around the corner, but you don't have to run towards them yet.

Time. Time will run beside you. The pace is in your hands, my friends, but the race isn't.