Friday, March 19, 2010

You know,
When they said life is unfair, nobody mentioned that unfair was just this word they threw in to make it sound profound.

Downright unfair, really. For the lack of a better word.

There are some problems you have where you don't know if you're the pyscho thinking or looking too much into it, or the problem is genuinely worth all the self analysis.

But then again, I know I think too much.

I need to stop thinking and not give a damn.

Someone please teach me? Oh, how so ever grateful I will be.


Anonymous said...

why hv u b always thoughtful!give a damn & move on with interesting things in life!

michael~ said...

Great posts, great blog – do you ever post explicitly political views?

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job said...


Kaboom said...

i'll tell you what, if you somehow get it, let me know how you did it... Its something i have been trying to figure out myself!

I LOVE YOU said...


Wendy Lady said...

Don't we all seem to think too much? That's why we blog lol Peace

Anonymous said...