Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I had a long talk with Best Friend last night. About the change within us, and we concluded that it was for the better, atleast in comparison to the sorry state of her close friend who was acting irrational. We've both been quite scared about our cynical behaviour lately... it's like the smallest thing will get to us. You should see us together. Give us one wannabe or one grammatical error and we're set for the day! Its quite funny actually... but yesterday I think we got a little serious about it.

We realized that we're not one of those who find it easy to articulate out a sympathy. I can be very efficient when it comes to giving advice but sympathy... is something I absolutely cannot articulate out. Maybe metaphorically shoulders will be available for you to cry on, you'll never hear me say that... often. I think I'm fortunate that i have friends around me who are smart enough to realise that my actions speak louder than words. I will physically be present throughout your ordeal, but I cannot go around saying- "sorry, baby, I'm there for you, I love you, you can count on me.. blah", and its stand similar for Best Friend. Infact, during my "rough" phase, I wouldn't want any sympathy myself. I'd, more often than not, like to be left alone.

And hence we're worried our practicality, independance/liberal state of mind and hard to please clauses... are the reason why its so hard for us to find someone. Hey, but its not like we're hard, stone hard, people. We're warm and calm and everything. And quite accepting... but only as long as it doesn't clash with our strong ideologies/string of thought... that we've been growing for some time now, on the basis of our failed or successful experiences.

Which is why I'm worried, but not too much. Because I know If I bow down now... then none of my relationships will happy or fulfilling. If I am a certain way, I guess people will have to accept that. I will find someone who does..... right? And, anyway, "hard to please" is only applicable is certain aspects... not all. Infact i think, I'm fairly easy to pursue.. IF person concerned has qualities I'm looking for.

Anyway, so since Best friend lost somebody worth dating recently... because of ego (okay, that I don't have :) yay!) and because she was primarily very cynical about most things... we have decided that we shall do the following to win him back from his girlfriend... who is, lets just say, an ego masseuse, to be polite.

  1. Wear pink, because it attracts any straight guy apparently.

  2. Bake a cake, because no man can resist that.

  3. Hold his gaze everytime your eyes met, because it gives out the sign.

  4. Talk to him about things that he likes.

  5. Pay attention

  6. Everytime you meet him online after or before the meeting, IM him with a smiley

  7. Crack jokes only in response to his

  8. Don't be too casual (that's what went wrong with her first meeting... apparently, she was too friendly ans casual... hence he found some damsel in distress who he could rescue)

  9. Take interest in what he's saying.

  10. This one's the best! -talk in a low, soothing voice.. so you catch his attention in the right way.

Okay, seriously.. we might just do this. Not because the guy is dumb, but because we cannot believe that the only guy who we classified as "extremely smart and almost perfect" turned out to be an egoist and some one who couldn't handle a girl who's too smart. According to a friend... "he'd definitely be intrigued by a smart girl, who's capable of handling any situation but not someone who's constantly proving herself, because then it'll hurt his ego."

I think this is ridiculous, but she's really wants to give this "lets please his" thing a try, so we're going to go ahead with. WE. Sigh, what has the world come to. Anyway, my question to all the men who're reading this blog... would you fall for this put on SWEET, smart woman, who can't go to far without having a man beside her. Smart yes, but a damsel nonetheless... or would you prefer an independant, practical and liberal woman.... who is, needless to say, smarter, and can survive without male presence in the romantic form and is not afraid to stand up for herself and speak up to make a point whenever needed? Be truthful!


Anonymous said...

Honest and hence,impressive about me.Will get back to you about your post after 6PM.Got a presentation to make right now else am done ! :)

Okie Dokie said...

Huh! You people think a lot. And, unnecessarily. If I get irritated with the semi-idiot girls around here, I would have blown my top if I had hung out with you.

In any case I am straight and I hate pink. The best way to get a guy is to ignore him. And, then let him mind his business.

go-phish said...

i dunnoh. seriously, i dont. i just have like this sense of peace with the whole world. *ahhh....spiritual moi..mwahaha*
let everyone just be with whoever they want. what shall be. shall be.

*the spiritual guru is now 'out'*

*enter go-phish*

screw em al'!!! (metaphorically)
lets just be 20 n enjoy zi ride.

Zwinky said...

okay. so this best friend of yours. she seems so relateable. she's my kinda girl if you ask me. but what is this list thing going on> i mean., people dont DO such things. they just read it and laugh it off! will she really do it, is the throbbing question. well, my advise to her will be. touch his arm when she meets him. *peals of laughter*

Anonymous said...

Girl ! you do have a flow, I must tell you.I like people who do are hard on themselves.Good to have you around.

Blogrolling you,


Scribblers Inc said...

a)nothing ever came out worthwhile with the color pink...even hutch turned Vodafone!!

b)you have two mishras on your comments page??!?

Scribblers Inc.

S said...

Mishra: glad to see you were honest!

OKie: you're a different ball game altogether... rather predictable :)

Pugsie: left it upto to God, as usual! Its beyond our reach, since we have made sure we cannot increase out list anymore!

Zwinky: maybe I could get you to meet her.. or maybe she could tell you about her experience so you could benefit from it...

Scibblers: Hey, the poll says that pink is effective! And maybe Mishra just changed his picture or something... I mean that was kinda obvious! said...

nice write up. In one line simple and sober. i have added you to my blog list

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