Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Have any of you ever given thought to the fact that you might be addicted to the internet?

One day without it and I got restless. My computer is screwed. Officially. Apparently I'm a victim of software counterfeiting (WTF) and my audio controls don't work. Okay, there's a reason for that. So, my net was being a real piss pot, like gmail wouldnt work at all, but facebook would. And I couldn't send any mails, but I could use gtalk, so I figured that was happening because there was low space in the memory... and err, I deleted things.. left right and centre. Turns out I deleted the audio control thingy. And now I can't listen to music, which sucks because I have so many more songs on my PC than on the MP3.

Life sucks.

Okay, my editor just pointed out that I was being whiny... which is fine because I'm a whiny person. That's almost always the way I start a conversation with someone. Actually, that's how I make the conversation last with someone. I end up bonding with people because they whine about the same things. That's something, huh?

You know, in retrospect, I know it was worse, and I'm so much more better at dealing with sucky stuff been thrown at your way. In school, i was referred to as the "whine queen". And now, I'm considered the calm one. Okay, I will admitt, I'm like more "calm now, whiny/moody again".. but it has become better, and I can feel it.

Okay, I know for a fact that I'm a good listener, and maybe because I'm a certain way, I can't figure out why people hold on to trivial little things.. like forever. I remember, one best friend told me somebody called her a bitch way back in the 11th grade, for no reason, apparently. And she's still not over it. I mean, I know sometimes you can't, but comparitively, I really don't hold on to things. Like I will REMEMBER trivial things, but I will remember that I was pissed off about it at a particular time, but I don't stay pissed for long.. just as easily as I get pissed. I get pissed, not angry. I've never been angry. Really! I've never been so angry at someone that I would scream at them. The most, I can get pissed off, and leave the place or keep the phone or something. But I've never lost my temper enough to lose my mind. Easy come, easy go.. I'd say.

Was talking to *wishes to remain anonymous* on the phone... (she's not told me she wants to be anonymous, but I'm presuming she will, considering what I have to say), and we've realised that the more patronizing a guy is, the more we want to do them. Like... do them. And I would use more describing/appropriate words for it, only I'm too lazy to say "bugger off" to all the gasps that'll come my way.

Today's the last day of my vacation. My results are out in a week.

Again, life sucks.


go-phish said...

A.dont go round deleting stuff randomly!

B.its too late to tell you that

C.i wonder who would say such a scandalous thing...*thinks*

Preeti said...

I was wonderin...why the whine?! results! hmmm...ahem...all the best!

im whiney too!!! i always call myself a born cribber....really...i cn crib aboutlike anything for ages :D like that one split end on my hair...hehe...

and somehow weirdly, i lose my temper only with family..never with friedns...dno y :(

@Go-phish: sorry for the extreemly delayed reply! High-5 at the mcdreamy attraction...my friends just giftd me the entire dvd collection of all the 3 seasons and trust me im in HEAVEN!

@S: U have GOTTTTAAAAAAA start watchin Gray's...it is...just AWESOME! it is mush that is not mushy...like totally!

Coconut Chutney said...

Gray's Anatomy should be watched just for Patrick Dempsey. McDreammmmmmmmmmmyyyy :D

Scribblers Inc said...

results...um hmm...you have just created the perfect nightmare for me...I have over 4GB of music on my office comp...if I blow that up, I am a dead duck!!

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-Thanks for saving my life..

TS said...

Good luck with the results S.

Kenny said...

Took me some time to make up my mind if i should leave a comment or not...going through ur last few posts seems like a hostile kinda environment for a guy to be in. But as much as i resent being counted amongst disgusting bastards, i'm sure u had ur valid reasons...n i hate leaving a blog without a comment so...

Computers can be sensitive lil' pricks, n with our lives more or less revolving around them it's best not to mess with them, as you must've surely found out the hard way.
Interesting bit of self-character study...but i guess there's a whiner in all of us, give it enough time and you'll get to see it. And not to forget the intriguing bit of trivia about patronizing guys at the end...guess that'd be my cue to gasp..*GASP*!! ;)

All to best for the results.

go-phish said...

@ preeti

you got 3 seasonssss?????....ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohhhhhhhhhhhh!

*points finger at luckiesTTT girl*

the best part bout him (apat from yum looks) is that his character has flawed perfection! Total melt-your-heart greek god!

ps-im trying to make her watch it too!!!..i just know she'll love it!

pps-one day, i shall write for a show just as cheesy-romatically complicated and wonderfully heart-warming as that!

ppps-im a dreamer :P

Wicked :D said...

Oh no, you are whiny. No two ways about it. And, even at my peak (same time last year) I couldn't have come close.

I figured out how great my life was when I looked at how other's life (or is it lives?) suck. So continue writing such whiny and "life sucks" post. It's a win-win situation. Both of us feel good.

Preeti said...

@Go-phish: YES, all 3 seasons...Am i not the luckiest??? *Grins* but hey, im nice too...i could make u copies! :)

S, cmon, watch it!

Prehistoric Developments! said...

I can understand the pain about not being able to listen to songs.
whining is actually good for you, helps you reflect on the sucky things in life

anyway, best of luck with your results!!!!!

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