Friday, March 7, 2008

Sometimes the weirdest things can happen to you. When you least expect it.. Its kinda weird how you never think about certain things and then they come up right in front of you, and leave you shocked, surprised and confused. And the worst part is, even though its right there, you cant help but doubt it. and then you bash yourself up for thinking about it too much, and try to constantly tell yourself how its no big deal. So you recognise that it is actually not a big deal, and remind yourself to enjoy it while it lasts. Which is why Im talking in codes, though whoever's reading this knows exactly what i mean, (yes, Saumia, you) :):)

Anyway, moving on. The Farewell's coming up in 3 days and Im pretty psyched about it. Its my way of proving to myself that i'd be a great convenor. I will:) ANd i know its a lot of work. Its crazy, i never thought i'd be in this position, all throughout 2nd year i didnt realize it was much more than meets the eye. Its going to be hard to manage my 3rd with it, yes, i know im speaking as if i've already been selected, bugger off, its my blog. I really want this though. Sometimes i get so scrared about how Im going manage my studies but then i know i'll do something. I'll think of something.

Whats irritating is that i hate this phase of my life. The next 3and a half months are going by at extremes. the first month IM going to be piss scared and tensed about my finals, yes for some weird reason they matter to me, and then the next 2 and a half months, IM going to be piss bored, HOPEFULLY, i'll find a job, hopefully in Karnataka.... maybe mysore. :)

*gone to kill self for being stupid*