Saturday, March 8, 2008

This. is. the. reason. why. people. recommend. being. in. a. relationship. I cannot explain how but today i have the weirdest urge to be no the recieving end of a good pampering session from somebody of the opppsite sex. AND the bastard ISNT EVEN TELEPATHIC. i had such a HORRIBLE DAY. here i am sitting and waiting for *it* to happen, when for all i know, something else is happening right now. I HAVE GOT TO STOP GETTING ADDICTED TO THESE THINGS.
i hate, aboslutely hate hate hate hate hate hate hate my life right now. I want to go on vacation alone.
i hate college.
i hate home.
i hate all my "friends"
i dont feel like talking to close friends
i HATE *
i HATE THE FACT THAT i thought * was my only hope but apparently its not.
and i will kill myself if somebody comments saying- "hate is a very strong emotion, dont use it so frquesntly"
pooof. die all.