Saturday, February 16, 2008

yes, i like pink.
yes, i like to sing in the shower.
i dont care if you think im too feminine.
yes, i'm a little overweight,
but i also think i have very pretty eyes,
and the best shaped legs.
i dont care if you think my opinion is a little too critical.
yes, i know im judgemental, we all are.
i take my time to get used to certain things.
yes, i'd do anything for a bar of chocolate.
yes, i gain sadistic pleasure out of demeaning a stranger.
i also love feeling superior, and obviously hate feeling inferior.
i'm fairly accepting of things, unless they start to piss me off.
i'm fairly okay with people thinking in a certain way,
untill they start promoting racism, chauvanism and regressiveness.
sometimes i hate everything,
sometimes i need to be reminded that i'm loved.
sometimes i need many people around me,
sometimes i need to be alone.
fuck you, if you think that's cliched.
i'm just trying to identity myself.
i'm me. take it or leave it.