Friday, February 22, 2008

"you're complex, not confusing.. I'd love you for your naive honesty, and your open jealousy. you're extremely pretty and easy to get along with.. i'd definately date you..."

Yes, yes, im extremely self obsessed, and i fish for compliments. dont we all...? anyway, just the other day somebody told me that i matured... and its hardly been a year since i've been in a different situation. i agree i have matured, for the better.. (yes yes i know you only mature for the better.. bugger off) and i can feel it. there's no innate feeling to prove anything to anyone. sometimes there's a little desperation, but i know how to quietly deal with that.. and yes, sometimes things happen veryyyyyyy unexpectedly...

i guess there's nothing more to say.... am tired of analysing a few things, and dont want to analyse a few.
the end