Saturday, January 12, 2008

put music player on shuffle.. do not skip!

how do you feel right now? beautiful- christina aguilera

what did you dream about last nite? my love- justin timberlake

what song will you have at your funeral? bohemian rhapsody- queen

what song reminds you of the person you like atm? she fucking hates me- POD( and vice versa)

what song describes your parents? with arsm wide open- creed

what song is about your love life? too much love will kill you- freddy mercury

what best describes your friends?? thats what friends are for- elton john and hakuna matata

what best describes your workmates? dard e disco.. ahaha

what song will you play at your wedding? my girl- temptations when i walk on the aisle and the way u look tonight when i dance with him ( the first christian wedding i have followed by a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gujarati wedding)

describe yout first kiss: alive- pearl jam.. tee hee!

what do you want for christmas? kiss from a rose- seal

what song describes the day you had today? 2 hearts- kylie minogue

what song describes your future?? where are you going- dave mathews for the love life and if i hade it all- dave matthews when you believe- mariah and whitney in general.

what is your favourit thing to do ? DARD E DISCO BABY!

who do you love? hooverphonic- mad about you.

what do you feel like doing right now? sexy back- justin.

what are your plans for the weekend? i want to break free- queen

what is the worst way to spend the day? wishing on a star- paul weller

what do you wish you could change? chasing cars- snow patrol

what song describes the person you last spoke to on msn? gimme more- britnaaaaay (spoke to shruti:) hahaha the lyrics as as follows: gimmeh gimmeh mooooooore gimmehn more:)

what is your secret desire? chasing cars- snow patrol and when you say you love me- josh groban.

who are you? hahahahahaha. in her eyes- josh groban. (im not an angel, im not a hero.. im just a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan) okay fine! imagine- john lennon

what did you think about school? jailhouse rock- elvis!

where do you wish you were? brian mcknight- home

what are you hungry for? unchained melody- u2

what are you thinking about? lovestonned- justin

who is thinking about you? matchbox twenty- story of a girl

what is your favourite song ever? aint no sunshine- van morisson.

its fun to.. : dard e diso baby!!

what are you going to call this survey? sitting waiting wishing- john jackson

alalalala! im pretty and amazing! guys should be falling over me!
good day, exams going horrible.. need to study hard after this for mains!
am in love with myself today!