Sunday, January 13, 2008

so i went on a show that discussed blogging.. and untill i went on the show.. i didnt realise... nothing damn it. what is the big deal? is my blog being read write now? are people pointing fingers at the things i say or the things i do? do i care?? sometimes i think my blogs are too self obsessive... im not the blog "that made an impact" and im not the blog behind the upcoming famous writer but i am the voice... of me. hahah.
okay fa-ine. im not in for this shit. i cant write serious when im not in a serious mood. the bottom line of the stupid debate on whether the blogs should be regulated or not.. is not. just let them/us be ya. isnt everyone entitled to their opinions, and theres not better way than to write about them in a blog, it gives you a mighty sense of assertion, i'll say.
anyway, moving on the better topics, got a fringe! yay! oh my god, im so self obsessive. ever since i went on that show, i cant seem to forget that there could people out there who're readin your blog write now. *sod off ugly uncle/ irritating child*
exams are still going on... the mains are over though. i cant wait to fucking graduate. in the sense get out of delhi. i love college and i love delhi but ive had enough of staying with parents. its time i moved out, really. so many things ive wanted to say, do, experience and im already fucking 19. so there. its time really. REALLY.
reading some interesting blogs. what im actually thinking is when im going to find somebody to bloody flirt with... its been almost a year now. my life is so sad, sooo sad. its lifeless, dull, self- obsessive, whiny and sad. i really need a life. really. i also need male attention. donot want a boyfriend now. want the process that gets you to a boyfriend. let me go over the process. please excuse the dull, boring example.. its sadly only what my imagination is capable of now, considering im very realistic and keen on it happening soon.

day 1:

Z(female) walks into a public library. wait.. public library really? okay. i'l settle with public libray. anyway, moving on. Z moves to the literature section on a serious attempt to find good sources for her assignment. also because she's sworn to herself that she'll do well this year because there are her future aspirations attached to it. so she reaches the required section and seriously for once searches for stuff on Milton, Marlowe and Behn. no shakepeare, Z's sick of him! she then hears somebody playing a song she really loves but cant remember. so usually being a very erm, not-shy-but-very-low-on-self-esteem-hence-doesnt-initiate-conversation-with-the-opposite-sex kind of person, she hesitaes for a bit. then she decides that its no big deal and decides that if he hence makes a big deal of just an innocent question, he is a jerk. she then notices that he's cute. and plays the guitar well. (tick mark 2 requirements.. tee hee) she goes up to him after he's done playing. her stomach rumbling.

Z: excuse me?

cute guitar boy: mm hmm? *looks up*
*omg! nice face*

Z: i was wondering if you'd tell me the song you were playing.. i know it but i cant seem to remember the name.
*"i was wondering"...? WTF?*

CGB: oh thats "road trippin" by RHCP. you've heard the song?

Z: oh right! yes ofcourse i've heard the song.
*you think im not capable of hearig the song?? do i care???? urgghghh*

CGB: erm, okay.

Z: mmmm.
(stands there awkwardly)

Z: so you play here everyday? erm, i mean do they pay you to play or something?
*OMG!OMFG! why'd i have to ask such a stupid question*
actually, thats none of my business!

CGB: no thats ok! yea, my uncle works here so he asked me to play here so i could earn some extra bucks.. im actually on vacation.. just finished my graduation.

Z: oh great! you know actually, im from the western music society of (college name inserted here) and we really need a guitarist.. so if you're on vacation and all, you mind playing for us sometime whenever your free and all. infact we have a competition next week and we need a guitarist.. are you free?

CGB: infact, i am. what are you doing? i mean which song?

Z: i dont know that yet, a few other people are singing solos and duets, n we dont need a guitarist for the group category. so i'll let you know. can you play then?

CGB: yea.. i think i can.. infact take my-

Z: ...listen dont worry about the remuneration. our college will provide you that.
*WTF! he was giving me his number. im so stupid!!!*

CGB: no no, thats not a problem, its a college thing im sure i'd've gotten paid... *laughs*

Z: *smiles* okayy... im embarrassed now!
*give me your phone number dammit*

CGB: not at all. its okay! i think you'll need my number to contact me though....

Z: ya! give!

CGB: 98--------

Z: okay got it. erm, your name? *giggles*

CGB: (lets say his name is Y) Y. you?

Z: im Z. nice meetng you, Y.

Y: pleasure's mine, Z. *he winks*

Z: ditto.
*OMG!OMFG! he winked!*
*stop acting like a bloody school girl!*

he walks away. so does Z. end of day 1.
keep reading for further developments!

wow, this thing lifted my spirits ya!