Thursday, July 5, 2007

im back!!!

im not going to go thru the trouble of changing the font and all that jazz.. am in a very musical mood today. we had out eca trials today! and it was the same as last yr when i started college. only a few were good. i missssss college and i cant wait to get back!! its just 2 weeks away now, and i can imagine how my days r gonna be, i just hope i have time to take my evening walks so i dont blow up!

oooh, we finally got a synth player for Zephyr today. and now that im officially in 2nd yr, tho the results rnt out yet, im sure, i still feel like a fresher, i guess the feeling'll come only when the ragging process'll start! but i love the whole feeling of college, the routine, atmosphere et al! oooh, im being ignored by gay m! he hasnt replied to my scraps n i sent him a friends request n he hasnt accepted yet. i can understan his inhibitions though, he probly thinks like other times im not ready to talk to him but i succumbed to the tempation, but the best part is it isnt affecting me at all! i dont care if he doesnt talk to me!!! i feel amazinnnnnnnnnggg!! can never really be over OVER him but its over, this whole baggage of feeling is GONE!!

and ya, the asshole, yes, R came back again, threatening to ruin me again.. n this time i reallyt thought he'd do it. but he didnt. n i realize now that i did make a mistake by going out with him, even though today i was talkin to anu abt him n feelin kinda nostalgic but i guess thats only becoz it was for 1 n hr yrs.. but otherwise more than a l;ooser he's an asshole. n i dont regret doing it* becoz it taught me a lot, but i regret being wit him. anyway, to prevent anythin to happen again im trying to be friendly.. so thats it with him

am looking forward to saturday, aneesa's doing her work.. n i hope it works out. i dont wanna go out, but i'd like to keep my options open n have that feeling, just casually have fun!! and ooooh, have decided for mass com in australia, made up my mind. and for that i need to study my arse off n get a first div so i'll get a good scholorship!! missssssinnnn college n sahana!!!