Thursday, June 21, 2007

Went for "we the people".. and even though i thought i didnt have a clue about the topic, i was quite surprised by the response. The topic was about "women in politics- substantial or symbolic". Initially i thought it was substantial, but a friend shared her views with me, and i had to agree with her. How is it that a majority of the women in Indian politics are present by virtue of being somebody's daughter or wife.. Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rabri Devi and now Pratibha Patil nee Shikhawat. And some people cannot cease from making this a gender issue, when it is not. Nothing is going to change by making her the president, changes need to be make at the root level, so for all those people who are contemplating Pratibha Patil's presidency just becoz she is a women, open ur freakin eyes.

The reason for all this hype is but one, as Madhu Kishwar put it- "loyalty to the dynasty". And nobody is pointing fingers to her being derserving or not. Maybe she is deserving, but as long as there is a "maybe", other nominations come up, and she doesnt deserve to be president just becoz we want to give a women a chance. IT IS NOT ABOUT GENDER, YES WOMEN NEED TO BE ENCOURAGED TO MOVE FORWARD, CONSIDERING THE STATE OF GENDER BIASES IN THIS COUNTRY, BUT WHY MAKE THE PRESEDENCY ELECTIONS A GENDER FIGHT WHEN IT SHOULDNT BE?? she deserves to be a nomination, agreed, but not the president solely becoz she's a women.

And the debate it so not about her being a simple, purdah practising women, therefore she does not gain public appeal, none of the educated mass care about that. merit and only merit should be a criteria. after all she's following a nuclear scientist.

apart, from all this debate things are ok. even though im very pissed off with current happenings. For the first time i dont have the upper hand in something, n im forced to play on the whims n fancies of the opposition. and i cant stand the other persons non confirmist nature, its driving me crazy and maybe im even being ignored. anyway, ive told meself im not going to care about it. after all it is trivial. so im officially moving on from here, n i actually dont care now. lets see what im in store for.

other than that, everythings great, ive started doing Yoga, so my muscles are aching but im loving the feeling. And I feel myself turning into a men-hater by the day. well, frankly im loving that too!!