Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Its raining!!!! Funny how the rains can make u feel real good. Well, there are days when the rain does depress u, but im glad today isnt one of those days. I just listened to a few Bryan Adams songs afters reallllllllllyyyy long and realised how much i used to love them!!

"I don't look good in no Armani Suits
No Gucci shoes - or designer boots
I've tried the latest lines from A to Z
But there's just one thing that looks good on me
The only thing I want
The only thing I need
The only thing I choose
The only thing that looks good on you"

sigh! i feel high spirited today! moody behaviour personified!! I love it when i listen to old songs and feel good about them, i love the way me and aditi scrutinise and analyse everything, i love our hopeless msgs, i loooooooove the rains and the earthy after effect smell, i love my colony, i love when small kids jump around and play football in the rain as if thats what they were born to do, i lovvveeee my niece, *smiles*
I met a friend after 5 yrs today and i felt awesome!! but the best part about today was i bought new pair of chappals!! i guess thats what has made me feel alll good today!! also im very proud of myself today, becoz i resisted the temptation to talk to a certain someone even though becoz of certain things i saw today, i was totally convinced that we're soulmates! but anyway!
i feell alll good!!!! funny how shoppin for footwear makes u feel so amazinggg!!!