Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another great.. um, maybe, good day... after today i can proudly say that 3 loosers out of the umpteen who eve tease will think thrice before doing it again, and frankly i dont care if other people dont understand. Anyway, thats not the issue here. Its kinda hard when ur own parents refuse to look through things from ur point of view, and sometimes that leads u to HATE a few family members.. just because they refuse to listen! well hellooo, somebody go tell them that they need a life n that a 19 yr old has more than enough grey cells to use. Anyway, today was Swati's bday n we went to Village, had great fun, chilled, listen to great music, slept for a bit=P i had the sudden urge to go ice skating, dont know why but well, i just did! Had a good day on the whole, except one incident i'd rather not talk about. An old friend contactly me today and im damn excited to meet her, its probly been 5 yrs since i saw her... :):)

whats so weird is that sometimes u listen to songs to that get u all nostalgic and u end up thinking about it for the rest of the day. And well, this is my life story, gettin nostalgic, and thinking and doign things that u know will only end up in main.
I guess i've finally reached to a conclusion, even though i've probably said this more than a zillion times. Coming to this conclusion is not helping me in a anyway becoz i'd come to it months ago, but i guess i need to keep re assuring myself about it. this ting keeps happening becoz i've really found a right substitute for it. For a few months its ok coz i've found someone nice, but untill i dont find someone who according to me is perfect i cant substitute with the existing perfect one. So basically i have to wait. Its going to be a long, restless and frustatting wait, but i have take upon it. i have to. Untill then i guess i would have to continue living normally, tryin not to get nostalgic and mad.
Cant wait to catch up wit old friends!!