Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abbe yaar.

Life is colossally uncool when all you're doing is managing finances, wading through your job and furiously trying to salvage your life by going that extra mile during the weekend (i.e - eating more calories, watching a so-bad-it's-good movie, drinking and waking up the next morning thinking oh-god-since-when-did-hangovers-get-this-bad).


I confess. I have a bad habit of stalking people I know, on facebook, and wondering why I can't get off my big bum and do something cool with my life? The last time I remember thinking, wow, I have a cool life was in college (graduation) when I was singing.

Intersperse this with Monday morning annoyingly optimistic articles about traveling. How young people should bank on their opportunity and travel the worrrrld.

Here I am. Royally fucking my "opportunity" from behind. And it's not having a good time, I can tell.

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KL said...

I go through all of my facebook "friends" photo albums and look at how much fun they are having and how "together" their lives are...and then compare all of their put-togetherness to my wasting-away life. I invite you to read my last post on my blog. I am reading a book about uncovering the negative dialogues we have with ourselves and switching to a more positive view of ourselves. It's a great book and I've made some significant progress in the 7 chapters I've completed. While I don't know exactly how you are feeling, I share in some of the pain you have written about. Thank you for blogging - your words are real and honest.