Saturday, June 27, 2009

A professor of mine today woke me up in his unusually boring class with this statement.
"Boys, I'm telling you, it's very hard to understand a woman. You'll take a lifetime, only to realize they are mysterious. I personally think it's a gift of god." 

I sprang up, yelling, "SEXIST".

Whattoo do. The world is neatly divided into more patriarchal men, and less patriarchal men.
Feminists can go around bra burning in the name of propaganda, women like me can strive to break stereotypes, be it feminist or just female centric, and nothing will work, until the men don't bury all the notions there ever existed about women, ranging from what our grandparents preached to what children are being taught in the name of education.

P.s- exceptions are always around. There are many men who don't fall in this category, and many women who don't understand the meaning of a feministic outlook. 
P.p.s- Don't even get me started on the misinterpretation of religion wrt inequality... or the "role of women".