Thursday, June 4, 2009

One week into Pune.

Wow there are so many things to update and say, I don't know where to start. Can't I just finish it with: Pune is fantabulous but it comes with a baggage of responsibility.. ? I have newfound respect for anyone who moves out of their comfortable parental home to make it on their own. It's all a romantic notion after all. You need to witness it firsthand to know what you've gotten yourself into.

I'm growing up yet again. Living alone is a lot harder than I thought. There are times when I want to just get up and form a jazz band of my own and ask everyone here to stick it up there's. On the other hand, I'm thinking every person has to go through this once in their lives. 

I feel like a different person almost, writing from a room that i probably never saw 3 months ago. Oh what the hell. It's not as bad as i'm making it to be. It's actually fun. And I will definitely look back at this and smile.

One more thing: I can still pull a madeliene peyroux anytime I want. So this is out of the box :) I am ze proud of myself, almost :)

*sings out LOUD*