Monday, November 17, 2008

I must record today. I feel fantastic, and I think deserve it after the rather turbulent week that i've just lived through. Let me chart out reasons.
  • I think I've looked my best today. I don't know what it was, but I could feel eyes on me. And even though I'm usually quite the blow my own trumpet kind, this time I'm going to take in one step further: I was looking a mix of sexy, pretty, curvy, beautiful, flirty put together :D
  • I just discovered curves!!! Curves!!
  • Sh came back from pune, with a new level of.... experience. HAHA. Okay, I'm just tooo ecstatic for her!
  • Music! I've discovered this new french woman, who is absolutely fantastic. She has the kind of voice that makes you want to grab someone of the opposite sex and dance.

Okay, there a zillion other reasons. When you're in a good mood, the reasons just tend to overflow. I need to start studying. I really need to hit the books. But I've been telling myself it's the birthday week, so that's it. Next week onwards, I will :D