Sunday, January 27, 2008

ya, i'll leave the much awaited conversation between z and y for next time... im not so much in a "romantic" mood today... stil seeking it, but not in the creative imaginary world for today. why does everybody lve jab we met so much. its such a cliched average movie, im sick of people around me saying.. "oooh, kareena's acted really well, shahid's cute... bleh."

is it okay to look upto someone you still think you arent that close too? i mean, is it weird that im getting unnecessarily possesive about certain things im not supposed to?? it lightens my life the way nobody does.. i mean the phenomenon, i think im getting addicted to it.. and i dont know if its healthy... considering it might not be the same from the other side. as much as i'd like to deny, my life's actually going very smooth.. im learning every moment of it, im absorbing in a lot of things, im growing up in the literal sense. i dont know what it is, but yet something is eating me.. something always makes me come back to life, to reality.. for the past 2 days i'd been flying high on the alternate reality thing... absolutely sure that it would happen to me someday, and fo once im feeling weird with absoltuely no sense of low self esteem, its just something else... and im yet to figure it out...

im quite happy though.. with the events of my life.. and how they're unfolding one by one. "i really think you have that sassy twang in your writing that can come out will in articles"... one compliment and i feel better. i agree though... guess its time to figure out the one hindering aspect... which i shall leave for later... :)