Thursday, November 8, 2007

we won at lsr!!! yaiii! n somehow even tho i think im the only one this excited, i didnt care when they announced, "and on 3rd position is kamala nehru college":)
yes i do think that had the mike been on, we'd've come 2nd instead of 3rd but well, no regrets, we worked our asses off n im sure in our fest we're going to win, i can feel it:)

i never thought i'd be this passionate about something, seriously now i know how anu feels about enigma.. all ive done since i came into 2nd yr is select songs and ever since we've selected a song for this yr ive been searchign one for next yr.. n i keep wanting to find seconds for every song. i want my 3rd yr to be the best, i want to win everwhere, i dont want to miss even one competition n im willing to do anythign for it. and ive already selected a song i want ot do next yr and im ssoooo tensed about how im going becoz its like one of those songs that u know if u pull off, its a sure shot win..

ive even thought of songs i want to do on the farewell.. sigh. i dont know though, what im going to do without adila:) its goign to be freakin tough finding parts and without geetanjali, its going to be HARDDDDD geting sponsors n stufff... sigh.
other than that, nothigns going on. life's good. birthday's comin in 14 days, me n aditi have this countdown going:) n with the men:) haha, that sounded pompous! im so happy like this.. its namrata's birthday in 2m, its also diwali 2m. i want to watch saawariya n om shanti om... had to go for shopping but ddint have the time.

this is the time of the yr, tis my birthday, and the fest:) i'vbe decided for village for school friends and ruby tuesday's for saumia swati anu. and mosty prbly i'll be getting an mp3 player...
im not going to say life's good and jinx it, but u get the picture:)