Thursday, August 30, 2007

Its mehak birthday today.. u know how u feel so strongly for someone.. u know, when u have a gushing love for someone, like the one i talked abt in my last blog, i feel that way abt certain friends, like pingu, aditi, aneesa, saumia, swati, anu etc.. okay that statement shouldve had more enthusiasm in it.. i feel soo... blah. the day started with priya telling me how she stayed out the whole night with a guy "she's getting to know".. n then as usual me n aditi has our sympathetic (for each other n ourselves) talk...

Isnt it time for us to be letting our hair down n having fun.. okay i know i have issues with my defination of fun n u know, popularity.. but then i okay witht he whole popularity thing, i know that'll get sorted out once i start living on my own i.e- in 2 yrs.. im gonna make sure i can.. but as of now, im stuck here.. n even know i can totally understand why my parents have given me a 7 or max 8 pm curfew, sometimes i do wish things were a little different. im tired of being the only one without a proper group of friends, n why i meant proper is because sometimes when u do have male friends u have easy access to a car n conveyance isnt the primary issue. i mean, u know the liberty to be able to go out to party on weekends, to a close by bar or just for a cup of coffee.. n the reason why this thing becomes an ANNUAL (sob) affair is because not only me but even my circle of friends dont use that liberty.. okay, i will admitt, i love the way my life is right now, im given possible liberty, u know house parties n sleep overs n stuff, n most of the times i can understand wh parents r sceptical abt sending me places but i wish delhi in itself was safer im sure these restrictions wouldnt even exist..

anyway, now that ive vented out, i feel better.. im going to go with one consolation.. im going to believe that there will be a time for me to do all of it... okay im in a hurry, so i'll do the 10 things i hate thing in the ext blog..