Sunday, July 29, 2007

whats with everyone??

okaayyy.. i know its been freakin long, just u know, was being my usual lazy self, im not even goin to bother with punctuation n all.. im finally talkin to u-know-who..
so weird it is, ive almost forgotten all the anger i had towards it. even tho i know better than being how i was before.. im workin on it..
i was just talkin to a friend u know.. she's in such a pathetic mess.. i mean i know how it is to be helpless, but thank god im not there any longer.. i feel great but also in a way sad for her.. i mean whats with ppl, i cant see why she cant make the right choice, n i know im being a little inconsiderate here, also becoz i as in a similar position not so long ago.. sigh. i wish someone could show her the things i see now...
anyway, mayb thats just how life's started.. things are great! and even though 2nd yr seems hard, its not dry, im enjoyin it.. im kinda disappointed with the response wit zephyr auditions... enigma's got good ppl, n so has lakshya... im just soo beat about doing well this yr,. coz i dont know what'll happen next yr, whether i'll b there or not.. i mean knc is soo looked down upon, i wish there was a way we could just shut up every one..
sigh, in just one of those sucky moods.. waiting to go to college 2m.. ha, dont knwo what i'll do when i pass out..
urgh, somebody kill me.