Thursday, June 7, 2007

"look at the stars.. look how they shine for u.. and everything u do, yea, they were all yellow, i came around, i wrote a song for u.. oh, what a thing to do, coz u were all yellow.."

had a nice day, have been listening to coldplay ever since i came back from gk.. looking at saumia today has motivated me to stick to my now, non existent fitness regime, atleast non effective. bought cute hair clips today and saumia found an adorable eraser which she's gonna gift to friend=) yes, i know, very random news.

surprisingly im not embarassed about what happened about.. erm, an hour ago.. infact now im just convinced even more that, that was a sign. I did it to check he status of my progress and when things didnt work out the way i thought they would i was relieved in a way. seriously. i cant believe i'm living this moment.. it seems soo surreal.
i hate the thought of romance, i hate mush and mostly i hattteeee the thought of being in a relationship, i've never loved my single status as much as i love it now. baah, this isnt even important.

i went to college today.. got sooo nostalgic, i almost cried, i soooo badly wanted to start going to college, i couldnt care less about the heat, thought today we were discussing our 2nd yr syllabus, sounds horrible except pop fic. (thats populare fiction).. n i hopeee ive been allotted with history instead of logic!! though the thought of studying is making me totally nervous, i want to start college nevertheless.
Never thought would get attached soooo much=)