Tuesday, June 12, 2007

damn it! i just had to it! just had to test my patience. Okie.. not big deal.. its not as big as im making to be.
phew. passed it. sigh. just went thru pics n profile and got nostalgic... to an extent that the funny stomach feeling came back for about a second. and i deleted the window. i know there was no need for it, but well, one never learns untill they stretch themsleves to the limit.
S- R-, ur off limits of *it* for a week. untill u dont settle down. im okie, really. just need to gather myself.

okie, on to better updates.. A-007 is officially ours now, and in a month we'll be totally shifting n stuff. finally i'll get my much needed privacy!! im just verrrrrrrry jealous abt the out stations students. i mean i totally cant live without my parents but i want to!! i want to see how its like!!

i just realised im just randomly typing and i need to get off this before something major happens. IM soo stupid i just had to do it. damn it!!
im ok. im ok!


no seriously. *breathe* im good. but i need to sign off before i get a fit again.