Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I just realised yest how addicted i am to the net, actually more to orkut and blogging:) one day the server was down and i got totally restless.. mainly becoz i was dying to acknowledge day two of my fitness regime and resolution! yest was quite an embarrassing day. All i can say is that it was a regular game of football untill someone (*&^$!@$@^@&!!&%@#$%) blew it for me. some people just cant mind their own business. So my half an hour secret spilled out. big deal. now almost everyone will get to know something i've been working hard to hide for a looong time!!
Sigh. ya, im ok. im good. i just lost it for a bit. i actually dont care. i just have to take proper pre cautions now. anyway, let me get back to the best part of the day, and also the only part.
Day 2- nothin about my diet was unhealthy except the quantity of dinner was a little too much coz i was so worked up with all the thinking:S but i did walk- 2.5 kms (wich is 5 round sof the colony) although i think its time i increase it a bit. And apart from the highly embarrassing incident, everything was good. I still didnt succumb to any temptations, but yes, did admire for half an hour, and was punished for it (so there is a god!). otherwise has been quite a boring day.
Im so boreeeedd, i've been tryin to resume my guitar classes but the institute is invariably closed.
On a normal day, college and all, im always looking forward to something. As in, there's always something to look forward to. But thats never the case wdurign holidays.
sigh i dont even know what im sayin or if im making any sense. Basically i'm bored, and thats the whole point of this nonsense. i need a vacation, and i really want to go to Goa, but as luck would have it, i'm probly going to end up going there with my parents. I mean i love them and all but, seriously??
Sigh, somebody up there needs to make some severe changes in my life.

"I was standing by the edge of the water
I noticed my reflection in the waves
Then I saw you looking back at me
And I knew that for a moment
You were calling out my name
You took away my hero
Will you take away my pain
Take away my pain
Let the cold inside
It's time to let it rain
There's nothing left to hide
Take away my pain
I'm not frightened any more
I'm learning to survive
Without you in my life
Til you come knocking at my door..."

Copyright "dream theatre"