Sunday, May 20, 2007

the dating world....

Come to think of it, I've been single for quite some time now. And i totally agree its greattt to be single, i mean think of the benefits? no guilt feeling about finding somebody irresistable, u aren't anwerable to anybody, u can do any darn thing and not worry about consequences. The best part is when ur committed, u need to keep track of things, time and priorities are divided, and u curse Star Movies for showing movies that u've always wanted to watch at times when u are "expecting a call." Ofcourse this is an ambivalent issue. Many would term themselves happily committed or happily single. Or maybe single and ready to mingle, and sometimes single but not interested. Sigh, the complications if the Dating world.

Frankly, i totally love this status. yes, im bound to want a relationship in a while, all the flattering, thinking about the person all night and all the time, mutual admiration, the funny feeling in the stomach, the times when ur friends want to strangle u for talking about someone all the time, the endless talks at night, the fun dates, exploring new places, chivalry.. the works. But as of now, im happy watching all the movies i want at whatever time, going out with friends without wondering if i can squeeze in time to meet "him". I've discovered that contrary to beliefs u dont need a guy to make u feel good or wanted, a good walk and a good workout session makes u feel much better. For all those people who think inferior of themselves and believe by having a guy in ur live u've proven to the world that ur in sync with the requirements to be wanted or popularly, "in", trust me since i've been in that situation before, u can make urself feel much better with other things, becoz by putting urself thru such situations u just make urself committment phobic.

After a sour relationship, one tends to get committment phobic. Ive realised that i am one myself. U find urself gettin attracted to many members of the opposite sex, sometimes strongly, sometimes mildly, but u need to understand that they dont define ur life, ur relationships dont define u either. They are a part, which in some cases complete u or sometimes just make u feel nice. thats why i've realised that scrutinising instances and situations wont help, when u come to a decision about certain things, u need to stick to them. Doubts will come up, u will eventually get an indication when u need to move and do somethin else but while ur at it, continue and fruitful results will come out of it. for eg- when ur tryin to get over someone, when ur on a diet, when ur tryin to decided the status of a r'ship... etc.

Basically, everyone's aware of the dating world, but the trick is not to make it ur life but a part. And age definately doesnt matter, maturity and experience matters. There are other things in life that deserve more thought and analysis, especially when ur my age, 18. my advice to all would be that if u've found the one u are convinced is right for u, well and good, otherwise dont go searching.