Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This is a tribute to allllll those people who matter in my life, who've come and gone, and who've come and stayed and i know will never go.

1) my college friends:
a. Saumia- Without the risk of sounding corny or cliched, i really dont know what i would've done without her. By far, Saumia's the only person who knows EXACTLY what is wrong with me and knows EXACTLY what to do for it. loaddssss of kissesss n love:)
b. Swati- Swati is my reality check. She's like this big sister i never had and i'm really thankful for that. There are times when u need a wakeup call and only Swati can do that, to not only me but all of us. Mmmuuahhsss:)
c. Anukriti- Anu is the person u go to when u need to have fun! She's a total entertainer and an extremely good friend! *big hug!!*
God alone knows what i would without the three of u, u guys are my saviours and im so glad i didnt end up anywhere else. This time i'd realllyy like to say thank u, not for those wacky, crazyyyyy days, not for convincing me that im not one bit hyper and whiny, but for allll of it! Each and every single moment of this one yr!

2) Aditi- Aditi is myyy best-estttt fwend in the whole wide wowldd!! I love her more than words can express and she's like my little sister, my pillar of strengh and im shit protective of her!! we have a very strong understanding of each other and she's probably knows exactly what i'll say, do n vice versa! best friends in the true sense!hugs n kisses!! XXOO

3) Aneesa- Aneesa.. she's a blessing in disguise. She's the reason behind the mature, more sensible me. I've literally grown up with her and we've seen each other pass thru every turn of life. She's someone i know I'll be with for the rest of my life becoz ours is an unbreakable bond. She's the first person i turn to for advice, her opinion matter the most and I've had the best times of my life with her:):) XXXXOOOO

4) Sruthi- Sruthi... hm.. i cant seem to start about how much Sruthi means to me. I might have made blunders regarding our friendship and took it for granted, maybe it'll never be the same again, but Sruthi's has been truly a friend, someone i've grown up with and someone who STILL knows me in and out. I cant thank her enough for the wonderful 3 yrs and the umpteen moments of fun!! loveeee u soo much!!!

5) Makhi n Pingu- Two of my closest friends from school. pingu is my oldest friend n the most adorable, warm person i know! i love her sooooo much and we've had crazzzyy fun times together where we couldnt stop laughing! wats so amazing is how we have our own lives but we never lost touch n are still as close!! lovee yaa woman!! hmmm, makhi.. where do i begin?? makhi is like a big sister, actually like a twin! we have our own space n lives but we're actually the same person inside with a tad bit different qualities! we've had some great times n will always cherish them!! muaahhsss to our singing abilities n synchronisation:)

6) my school friends: Anchit, Arjun, Manglu, Milky, Pixie, Namrata and the whole of the right row in 12F!! 11th and 12th has been by far the 2 best yrs of my life, somethin i'll always cherish! u guys have given me all the happiness, laughter anf fun moments like the mussorie trip, picnics, anjali n praveen's classes, laughin at stupis jokes during bst n accounts class, roamin around in the corridor, breakin all rules possible! love yaa all!!

7) All my teachers during the 12 yrs of my education. Yes i have hated some, and i have loved some. but im truly what i am becoz of them. Anjali and Praveen Ma'am have been inspirations. Mr. Naidu from MHS has been the best teacher i ever had. My classical music teacher from bringing out my talents, My college teachers Antara, Harpreet, Susan and Sanam have been awesome and the sole reason behind my successful 1st yr!

8) Zephyr, my college western music choir- Sakshi, Sahiba, Megha, Megha J, Neha, Adila, Aastha, Geetanjali, Puii and Tanya, thank u guys for the bestttt time during this and some good music sessions n comps! zephyr 2006 rockss and i have totaly faith in every single one of us! we're gonna kick some serious ass next yr! lovvee ya all!

9) This last person is somebody i cant technically mention but he/she has been a very important part of my life unknowingly. This person is responsible for showing me the best and the worst times i've ever seen and for me growing up to be mature. Even though i've probably abused this person the most till date, and made him/her loathe me, he/she is responsible for the mature me and i owe lot to him/her. some people dont stay a part of ur life for long and move away before u want them to, but what they brought to u and the things they made u see and feel always stays with u, come what may. thanks, is all i can say:)

there are mannnnnyyyyyy more people i want to thank, for contributing and making the 18 yrs of my life amzing, so while i mentally name them all, thank u alllll!! thank u for making my life sooo cool and so worth living! muuuuaaahhhssss to all!!!