Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is NOT good. Must have a positive outlook to things that happen with me. Must try to do make the most out out any situation put forth in front of me and try not to crib incessantly, even though that comes naturally to me.

Life shifts happen all the time. If we don't learn to adapt to new circumstances than how will we grow? I'm 22, I need to act my age and do what people my age are doing i.e- making a career (even if that means in a new city, amongst new people, and no social life...yet)

Most importantly, must not be dependent on anyone. I'm old enough to survive by myself, and I must stop measuring happiness on the presence of other people in my life (even though they have a role to play)

Must stop acting like a retard and grow up. There are other people with bigger problems than yours. Suck it up and enjoy whatever's being thrown at you.

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Anonymous said...

your prophecy is correct
Act on it