Friday, September 17, 2010

You tell me.

One of those day when you've promised yourself you're going to stay away from fattening desserts, you're asked to choose between Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake and Creamy Raspberry Cheesecake.

What do you do?


* Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake : Your favorite acquired taste, something you know makes your drool at the thought of. Your signature stress buster and a sure shot mood elevator.

*Creamy Raspberry Cheesecake : Secretly, you've always known you'd like something like this. Not many people would expect you to pick Creamy Raspberry Cheesecake, but it your eyes widen in delight at the thought of it. You picked it a while back and you felt guilty for not going with Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake, but every bite of the cheesecake made you feel like you were always meant to savour it.

Please to remember Self-Inflicted no-dessert Diet.

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