Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who doesn't have layers?

Layers are like those little black eyelashes that fall on the tip of your nose, which leave you with a little bit of hope that someone heard your silence. The more they fall, the more you contribute to You.
They call me complex, sometimes dramatic.

It's easy to hide layers, easy to pretend to put on a multi-coloured mask of unfamiliarity. It's easier to wear different clothes everyday, donning a new idea, look and feel.

I wake up every morning shuffling my bag of colours. I wake up favoring one mask over another, choosing wisely and promising myself a definition.
Sometimes when I wake up in the afternoon, I don't have the time to colour.
They call my complex, sometimes predictable.
I tell them I am fickle. And that it can be that simple.

The other day I noticed I had short eyelashes.

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