Thursday, July 8, 2010

You remind me of a sunflower.

Shiny and bright, as if all you do is emit a yellow-purple sunshine. Then a smile slowly carves itself on my lips every time I see you.

The pink tinge, coupled with a melange of colors on you. With your fruity fragrances, and the indulgences that make you beam even further.

With your garbled words that is a reflection of a working mind, and your neatly chalked out hopscotch boxes, you follow the setting sun in hope of a brighter moon.

I had to write this down not because I am lovesick. I write this note because when I become a grandmother, and sunflowers don't exist anymore, I'll still think of you more or less in the same light :)


v said...

I really pity your grandkids.

S said...

I pity you.

v said...


Show some of this smartness on your posts.