Monday, June 21, 2010

Let me flow.
No, not this time again.
I won't even name the river. I won't challenge the current.
Just let me flow.


No verse, this drama will meander into a less exaggerated silence. Like a backseat that was always a backseat and never contested to be important.

Are you blind? Do you not realize that the drama has unfolded already?

Let me flow. What is natural cannot be wrong, can it? I shall cease to pay heed to everything that could be potentially disastrous.

You fickle, fickle, fool. A mistake the hundredth time over is not longer a mistake. It's a mark of a disease.

How do we know it's a mistake? I choose to flow through tunnels of rocky, icy barriers to reach a warm fire. I choose.

Let me flow.

Let me exit this conversation, I cannot fight for a lost cause. Convincing conviction against action is not an easy job. Let your rocky channels not scar you yet again, this time leaving a permanent bloody mark.


River's Disguise said...

Awesome post. :) Can't believe it's all you.

Anonymous said...

:D Thank you!


v said...

Okay, not to sound gross but there's a line in the movie 'The Departed' when Caprio orders a Cranberry juice. Frankie asks, "What is it, your ______?"