Friday, May 7, 2010

I wonder how many more relationships will slip away from my hands before I can officially call this a crisis?


Jai said...

no relationships slip away... its us who go away from them...

so start attaching yourself to the relationships rather than the other way round.

Hope it brings more joy to ur life !!!

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Jai said...

First the author of this blog... thinks a lot.. A LOT !!!... aare yaar life jiyo kaato nahi...what is this.... why is this.. what could happen.. forget it... live in today..

As the saying goes:
"yesterday is history... tomorrow is mystery... but today is a gift by god... that's why it's called present !"

i hope u will keep this is mind !

and keep smiling :)

Zwikie said...

Think about the one's you DO have and hold on to them tightly.

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