Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sometimes I wonder about the pointlessness of it all.

You're assured, you rejoice, you expect and you get disappointed.
You fight to be strong because you fear being called too sensitive.
You talk about growing up, because it's happening. Physically.
But can you really handle it?

You convince yourself to do it because it makes you feel nice.
What feels nice suddenly becomes a necessity.
All the convincing becomes the right thing to do.
And then when it comes and slaps you on the face, you wonder when it become so important?

It's pointless no?
All the expectations and battling with yourself to live through them?
I don't mean to say none of the expectations ever get fulfilled.
But what are we getting in return for taking the risk?

Is it really worth it?
Or are we just convincing ourselves that it is? For the momentary-ness of it all.

Stupid moments.
Stupid memories.
Stupid expectations.

Being bitter does not make me too sensitive. It's natural. Deal with it.


Shanel said...

I love this post... and I totally get it in reference to some things in my own life.

Raisa said...

I agree...

Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.

Raquel said...

Somethimes I fell the same thing! Like... What are we fighting for? We are allways looking for something in the future but in a moment we can be hit by a car and die, all we where working and waiting for is gone. I don't know if this was the message but was the one I got.. It's kind a stupid what i said?

Disguise said...

I can relate to this post, something about it seems so familiar. Amazing post!

Anonymous said...

Jesus said, find the origin of joy and love, and realize they are not from outside of you, but from within. He said to watch out for imaginary barriers built around yourself, creating a perception of disconection from other people and the world that isn't there at all.

somebody said...