Saturday, April 17, 2010

But I thought when we heard the blues, and smoked on my terrace we were creating memories? Memories that you would miss eventually, maybe?
I have been accused of exaggerating a connection a little bit, only because I tend to get too involved. But are you telling me that those memories we had for over 8 months don't come back to you every now and then?

I don't speak from a lovesick viewpoint. I am talking about a pure connections. About having a good time, with a special friend. It's not too great when what you perceive as special seems a bit evaporated, especially when it seems like you're the only one who holds those memories at a treasured place.

I might not be able to make those memories again, maybe a part of my faith in friendship has gone. But to have some parts cut out with a knife, and not even thrown away, but placed in front of nonchalance, can be a bit hurtful.

Is friendship a figment of my imagination?


Kanta said...

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Shanel said...

great post... I too have thought that I had a great friend... when in actuality I didn't..... it's sucks to feel that way.... and as a matter of fact I am sitting here this morning wondering about some of the people in my own life.... wishing I had better friends... true friends..

Purple Cow said...

The thing about memories is that they cannot be trusted. It's easy to dress them up any way we want and pretty them up or make them more ugly according to our needs of the present. I too wrote about my memory of my first kiss but it is a different memory now to what it was then and how it will be remembered in the you get my drift? Here's the post if you're interested -

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